Tray Organizer

$34.99 USD
    New and improved design! We added a 4th pocket for larger items ( computers,magazines etc.) and a strong elastic band so it will snugly fit all tray sizes.

    Organized travel is our specialty. Upgrade you next trip with a Serenity Organizer-tote and change the way you travel forever. Erase the frustrations of flying in economy. 

    Our organizers have all the built-in pockets you need for your travels. Safely store your belongings at your fingertips during flight, such as electronic devices, magazines, water bottles, eyeglasses, snacks, and more!

    Thought it couldn’t get any better? Our organizers provide a clean tray surface for working or dining. At the end of your flight, simply slip it off and watch how it magically transforms into a drawstring tote. Use the tote to store your essentials pre and post flight. We want to make sure you never leave anything behind on a flight. 

    Simply wash it and you will be ready for your next trip!

    Product Features

    Lightweight and Compact: Weighs 2.8 ounces (less than 3 -AA batteries)

    Antimicrobial Fabric: Helps prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from attaching to the fabric surface.

    Washable and Quick Drying: Hand wash. Easy to hand wash and hang to dry when you are on trips.

    Fits Most Airplanes with pull-down trays.


    We will gladly take returns up to 30 days after your purchase.

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    How to use our Tray Organizer

    Slip it on and Snap! Storage at your fingertips

    Load it up & you are ready for take-off!

    Slip off the cover, wash it and you are ready for your next flight!

    Slide it on and off to transform it into a drawstring bag to store your belongings. Carry it in your carry-on luggage and never leave anything behind.


    A simple design that helps you stay organized.

    Don’t worry about your belongings, we will keep them safe.

    Plenty of Kid-friendly pockets

    Our tray organizers are practical to use, making it easier to find everything while enjoying your travel.