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We are two seasoned travelers who are on a mission to organize and simplify your travel experience, one trip at a time. As avid travelers, affirmed germaphobes, and serious devotees of organization, we came up with this brilliant idea over two decades ago. What took us so long?…we were really busy with work, raising kids and living life!

Lucky you! Our super functional travel organizers unexpectedly came to life during the pandemic. As the world instantly became experts on germs and viruses, we knew it was the perfect time to introduce travelers to our perfect travel accessories designed to keep you calm and clean on your next flight

Travel Smart,

Audrey and Lori

Co-founders, Serenity Organizers

The Key to Calm…

Serenity’s Seat Organizer and Tray Organizer solve those mystifying travel woes that everyone faces, but no one has ever done a thing about. First of all, both organizers provide plenty of storage pockets to safely stash drinks, snacks, and electronic gadgets at your fingertips. No more balancing stuff on your lap or transforming into a pretzel to reach into your carry on. Second, now you can easily cover those germ-infested areas on an airplane with soft antimicrobial fabric that creates a barrier between you and those offensive headrests/seats, and trays. Lower that tray table knowing you are placing your food or laptop on a clean surface. Now that is reassuring! 

Mental health is a right, not a privilege

We agree 100% with the mission of the Southern California Counseling Center SCCC. They provide much needed mental health care services to whoever needs it virtually or in person. Audrey has been supporting SCCC for over 15 years as a board member and volunteer. We are grateful for the work that SCCC does for the Los Angeles community and are looking forward to donating 5% of Serenity profits to this organization.

Check out the amazing work they do. 

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