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Do you know the last time the seat you’re about to use sit in was cleaned?

Do you know when was the last time the seat you’re about to use was cleaned? Our antimicrobial seat organizer provides a clean barrier during your whole trip. Also, you can avoid juggling your belongings on your lap or making efforts trying to reach something under your seat, thanks to the built-in pockets by your legs for easy access during the flight.

Why should I bring a Serenity Tray Organizer on the airplane?

Aside from keeping your tray protected from bacteria, the tray organizer provides you a clean surface with convenient storage pockets. You’ll have a place to store your laptop, magazines, water bottle, snacks, eyeglasses, contacts, chargers, headphones, you name it! Did you know, as incredible as it may seem, the bathroom flush button is not the dirtiest surface on an airplane… the tray tables are worse! According to reservations.com, the tray table has a germ meter score of 1,688, compared to just 32 in an airport bathroom!

How do I put on a Seat Organizer?

It slips on in seconds. We recommend you slip the cover over the adjustable headrest. If the headrest is not adjustable, you can place it over the top of the seat, just make sure you are not covering the tv screen behind you. Give the cover a gentle tuck into the seat, sit down and relax!

How do I put on a Tray Organizer?

Open the tray, slip the cover on with the pockets facing you when you close the tray, and fill them with your items. The top of your tray will have a clean flat surface to use. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. If you need something, you know where to find it!

How many storage pockets are there in the Seat Organizer?

There are 3 pockets located at the bottom of your seat cover, perfect for your water bottle, snacks, and cellphone, but you can use the organizer for the items that suit you. Make sure to remove them before you stand up, so they don’t touch the floor.

What do I do if my Tray Organizer does not fit the airline tray?

The Tray Organizers fit most pull-down trays on commercial flights. At Serenity, we are aware that some seat configurations will not permit a perfect fit for your tray organizer. Try it on your next flight and if it does not fit, please contact us at hello@serenityorganizers.co for a refund.

What type of materials are used?

Serenity seat and tray organizers are made from 100% polypropylene and are antimicrobial and washable.

How do I care for my Serenity and Tray Organizers?

All products should be hand washed. When traveling, it is easy to hand wash and hang to dry.

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How long will it take to get my order?

Products are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service and delivery generally will take in between 3-5 days.

International orders may vary depending on the country.

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Please, contact us at hello@serenityorganizers.co

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Please contact us at Hello@SerenityOrganizers.co for any questions about your order or returns.