Custom Landing

We are two seasoned travelers who are on a mission to organize and simplify your travel experience, one trip at a time. As avid travelers, affirmed germaphobes, and serious devotees of organization, we came up with this brilliant idea over two decades ago. What took us so long?…we were really busy with work, raising kids and living life!

Lucky you! Our super functional travel organizers unexpectedly came to life during the pandemic. As the world instantly became experts on germs and viruses, we knew it was the perfect time to introduce travelers to our perfect travel accessories designed to keep you calm and clean on your next flight

Brand it!

Now your brand can travel the world with Serenity Organizers!

You can add your corporate logo or phrase to any of our seat or tray organizers! Show your employees, clients, and customers that you care. Everyone can travel clean and comfortably with our unique product. Perfect for clients, promotions, events, giveaways, donors, and fundraisers.

Ready for your Brand to Fly ?

We look forward to creating a one-of-kind travel accessory! Contact us at